Matis Company

Matis Company is a multigenerational family-owned boutique business based in Slovakia. The company fully owns and runs 2 brands: Matis Market (personal food shopper service) and Pompesa (designer clothes and furniture).

Besides the main activities, MCO also offers media-related services on the side, like media monitoring, media analysis, simple website development, and graphic design. From time to time, MCO also organizes events.


The company was founded by Michaela Matisova, a television media expert who worked in all major TV companies in Slovakia. She started as a Producer at STV, moved to Markiza where she ended up being the network’s News Executive Producer, then became the Strategic Projects Manager at Joj, only to finish the circle back at STV, this time as part of the top management, as the Director of Production for Television.

During her time as the Director of Production for Television at STV, she decided she wanted to create something of her own – so she created a company that would work on projects close to her heart (clothes and furniture design) and on projects that she thought will become important in the future (food). The former became Pompesa, the latter became Matis Market.