Public relations done right


„Matis & Company is a public relations company based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Before establishing it in 2010, I worked for over 20 years at the largest television networks in Slovakia – as a producer, as a news division manager, and as a head of network production. Communicating with all the stakeholders in the industry, it eventually became clear to me that there is a need for a globally-oriented, focused, and professional PR company.

At Matis & Company, we are media insiders, we know how the world of media works, and we know what moves it. Our job is leveraging this insight to help our clients meet their strategic communication goals.“

~ Michaela Matisova, Managing Partner

We set up proven communication processes


We help companies communicate openly, calmly, and with clarity. We help companies build strong and high-quality relationships with their customers. We help companies find ways of making most of the relationships they have with the public. We help companies to best reach their target audience. We help companies to build lasting relationships with media and maintain them.

What we usually do

Our work includes everything from creating communication strategies and preparing crisis communication plans to media monitoring, building websites or managing social media channels. We also work as brands‘ PR representatives that communicate directly with media on behalf of our clients.

„What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself“


…or so goes the quote by Abraham Lincoln. To us, it is a reminder that any bad publicity may possibly end a company – it doesn’t matter if the bad press is our fault or if it is directed by someone else. And that’s why, beside brand enhancement, we also put a strong focus on brand protection in our work.

At some point, every successful company will face some bad press or negative sentiment associated with the brand. All that determines whether or not the company weathers such a storm is how it addresses the issues. What we do is guide companies out of these storm.

Industries we like


These are the industries we focus on. We’ve had success working in these sectors and we are driven to continue expanding on our work here.

Health technology

Helping Slovak medtech and biotech companies to establish themselves on the global stage.


Working on financial literacy projects with financial institutions, educating people about personal finance and investing.

Climate change

Professionalizing the communication of Slovak nonprofits that work on averting the global climate crisis.

Food production

Guiding Slovak farmers‘ efforts to diversify by setting up and cultivating their own direct channels to the end consumers.

Food delivery

Recreating the public identities of B2B food delivery companies that made a fast switch to B2C during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditional food retail

Improving customer relations of food retail companies with educational projects that focus on what is quality food and how it is made.